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Map Link

The most advanced mobile cell phone mapping forensic software available! MapLink has the ability to access Call Detail Records from cell towers that help track suspects mobile cell phones through a network. By accessing deeper into the CDR's, MapLink can assist in the identification of suspects, reveal hidden details of the suspect's relationships with associates, provide details as to their communication, behavioral patterns and tendencies. MapLink also assists in the analysis of call activity, general location and possible travel of a single user or multiple users. With MapLink, you can quickly and easily produce a map that will illustrate the movement of a user through a network of towers.

Import Call Detail Record

All major carriers supported. Fast and efficient import tools.

Map the Tower Fiield

Allows you to quickly and easily map the Cell Tower field. Unlike other software, a true representation of the cell field is shown.

View Call Details

Start your link analysis quickly. Show how your suspect communicated across the landscape. Build your technology to biology link.

Timeline Analysis

Want to show a specific date and time of where the cellphone was communicating from? These pictures are certainly worth a 1000 words.

GEO Code Plotting

Map your evidence to see if the suspect was in the area during the crime

Export to KML and XML

Powerful exporting features allow you to import and export all the mapping data to KML and XML.

  • Florida Investigator

    Sam P. Sherrifs Dept

    With MAPLINK I was able to cut my processing time from 2 weeks to 2 hours.  It is amazingly efficient.

  • I Required A Simple Customization, They Helped!

    Mike K. ICAC Investigator

    I had a sensitive project requiring a very specific piece of code to be added to Map Link.  They knocked it out of the park for me.

  • I Didn’t Think They Could Pull It Off, But They Did!

    Charles C. Police Department

    Having cases that are time sensitive is a daily challenge.  The support and help received from the support team was invaluable in my investigation.

  • If your Doing CDR’s you need this tool

    Tom E. Sheriffs Department

    I have been able to cut my processing time in half.  There is no tool that plots CDR’s as quickly as Map Link.  The tool is made for investigators not techies

Effecient, Affordable and Reliable Data Analysis

With ever increasing budget constraints MAPLINK is certainly a way of maximizing your Return on Investment.  Get your Quote Today !

Map Link

$ 899 / 1 Year License

  • Multi User Licenses Available
  • Academic Discounts
  • Portable Version Available
  • Script Support Available

Annual SMS Fee

$ 299 / Annual Renewal

  • Product Updates
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Script Maintenance
  • Discounted Training

Frequently Asked Pre-Sale Questions

We hope that these FAQ's will help with your purchase decision. If you have specific questions please contact

Our tech support is 24/7 and there are no limits and can be accessed through our product website’s support Forum.
We of course, recommend that each investigator using D.A.R.T. be properly trained to use it.

The license is a perpetual license and as such will not stop working. There is a year of SMS included with the initial purchase of MapLink. The SMS is to provide you with the software updates, bug fixes and Upgrades. The cost to renew your SMS is $299 annually.

Yes there is. It’s based on how many licenses are purchased at one time. We can also put multiple licenses onto a single dongle which can then be inserted into a network server where multiple investigators can have access to the software. The limit of course would be that once the last license has been accessed the next investigator would have to wait one of the active licenses were logged out.

The license is dongle based. Meaning it resides on a USB security Key. So you can load the software on as many machines as you wish and where the Dongle goes so does the license. Which means you can have investigators sharing dongles, but obviously, they can only use it one at a time.

Map Link is released an being used by Law Enforcement agencies nationwide.